Randazzo srl

Through Randazzo Sicilian companies have access to an international network for the carriage of goods of any size and can send their products everywhere in the world, with any service type.

This is possible thanks to adecades-long collaboration between Randazzo and UPS®, global leader in logistics offering a wide of services among which cargo and parcel shipping, advanced technology to track your shipping and, in general solutions that make international trade easier.


Partner UPS    

Exporting your products is the key to success in the globalized world, in particular for small and medium Sicilian companies that produce many of the best Made in Italy products, appreciated all over the world. We know that one of the reasons why companies do not launch into the globalized international trade is the difficulty they encounter in the labyrinth of customs formalities. With the help of Randazzo as customs agent, Sicilian companies can manage all export operations easily and confidently.

As regards imports, with the support and expertise of UPS, the world’s largest customs broker, Randazzo can confidently face the challenges of international trade. Randazzo’s and UPS’s systems are connected to the customs authorities of every country in the world and this allows to reduce errors and speed up customs clearance process.

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