E-commerce solutions

Slide MARKETPLACE Integrates eBay and Amazon orders with UPS technology

Slide UPS ACCESS POINT® Perfect to receive your online shopping

Slide UPS MY CHOICE™ The home delivery that suits your needs

Thanks to the partnership with UPS, Randazzo’s customers have access to a full portfolio of services, a top-quality service and advanced technology, also for small package deliveries.

Whether you need a standard or express deliver, in the wide portfolio of UPS services you can find the solution that best suits your urgency or budget needs. Also, all services are supported by advanced technology to process and track your shipments, but also to maximize your business in general.

For example, to companies that want to take the chance offered by e-commerce growing market, UPS offers dedicated solutions like UPS Marketplace Shipping, a safe web-based shipping solution that allows eBay and Amazon’s sellers to import orders from those two platforms and process shipments through UPS software like UPS Internet Shipping or UPS CampusShip®, the ideal option for private sellers or small companies. Thanks to UPS Access Point® – easily accessible shipment pick-up points for on-line buyers – and thanks to UPS My Choice™ – a service that lets you redirect, reschedule or keep packages on hold at the warehouse – Sicilian e-commerce companies really have all the means they need to be successful.


Marketplace simplifies your shipping process by integrating eBay and Amazon orders with UPS shipping technology. With this tool you can:

  • Enrol up to 10 accounts for eBay and 10 for Amazon
  • View up to 250 order at a time
  • Complete a shipment in just two steps
  • Edit order details
  • Combine multiple orders in one shipment
  • Use UPS Internet Shipping or WorldShip™
  • Order status automatically updates with the monitoring information provided by UPS website

Per maggiori informazioni contattare il BD Office   info@randazzosrl.it

UPS Access Point®

A perfect delivery option to receive what you buy during your online shopping.

You no longer need to stay home to wait for your package; with UPS Access Point® your package can be delivered to affiliated points near home. Thanks to UPS Access Point® flexible schedules, you can collect your package at your convenience.


UPS My Choice™

The ideal home-delivery option. By registering to UPS My Choice™, you do not need to stay home for your package, because we inform you about the incoming shipments and you can reschedule, redirect or have your packages delivered to another address or to a UPS Access Point® when you are not home.