UPS Solutions

Slide CARGO Air and ocean freight to compete in international markets

Slide SMALL PACKAGE To ship your goods on the national territory and abroad

Slide HEALTHCARE Delivery of pharmaceuticals and medical devices across Sicily

Slide CREATE YOUR SHIPMENT Calculate time and cost of your shipment

The partnership with UPS

Thanks to the expertise and support of UPS – the largest customs agent in the world – Randazzo can confidently face the challenges of international trade. Randazzo’s and UPS’s systems are connected to the customs authorities of every country in the world and this allows to reduce errors and speed up customs clearance process.

  • 1974

    Inizia l’attività di distribuzione per la Sicilia Occidentale

  • 1990

    Comincia l’attività di sub/c in Sicilia Occidentale

  • 2003

    Viene siglato l’accordo di distribuzione per la Sicilia occidentale introducendo i furgoni brown

  • 2008

    Viene siglato il contratto di agenzia per la vendita dei servizi in Sicilia Orientale

  • 2012

    Inizia il servizio di vendita del servizio SCS in Sicilia

  • 2013

    Viene siglato l’accordo per la rivendtia dei servizi SCS in Sicilia

  • 2016

    Viene aperta la filiale di Caltanissetta

  • 2016

    We opened the Catania UPS Healthcare branch