Our history


“A common vision is the strength of our team. It is the lymph that allows our team to achieve amazing results.”

– Salvo Randazzo
CEO Randazzo Srl
  • 1974

    We started distributing in Western Sicily

  • 1990

    We started working as sub/contractor in Western Sicily

  • 2003

    We signed an agreement for the distribution in Western Sicily; the brown vans were introduced

  • 2008

    We signed an agency contract for the sale of our services in Eastern Sicily

  • 2012

    We started selling SCS (Supply Chain Solution) services in Sicily

  • 2016

    We opened our Caltanissetta branch

  • 2016

    We signed a contract for the distribution of Health Care services in Sicily.

  • 2018

    Catania UPS Healthcare branch opening.

The partnership between Randazzo and UPS

Since 1992 Randazzo srl has been representing the international shipping company UPS in Sicily. The company was founded by Giovanni Randazzo, who has worked in the transport industry for over 50 years. He was very young when he started working for a local company, dealing with shipping by truck and by sea. His can-do attitude and flair for business allowed him to grow professionally very quickly and after “cutting his teeth”, he decided to start a new adventure, in business.

At first, he started working in the cargo transport business and then, by chance, he discovered the express courier industry.

It was love at first sight for express delivery for Giovanni Randazzo, my father, during his Christmas holidays in the United States in the mid-eighties; he went to a UPS centre with a friend and was fascinated by the perfection, energy and efficiency of the centre at the time of its maximum peak activity. With that in mind, when he heard that UPS was coming to Italy, he soon thought that Sicily needed that too so, in 1992, he contacted the managers of the company and this long-term cooperation with the American multinational company started.

Today, following in the family’s footsteps, Salvo Randazzo is proud to represent the second generation still working along with the first one, and to guarantee business continuity characterized by constant energy. The mix of the two generations – always working side by side in the front line within the business – made Randazzo srl and UPS a winning combination. The partnership between a local company and a global giant of the shipping industry worked so well that today Randazzo srl is the local Sicilian logistics operator for the multinational company.

A success story. How did we achieve this goal?

All this was possible thanks to our passion and to a constant pursuit of perfection in what we do. Sharing with UPS our values, such as reliability, punctuality, accuracy and attention to detail, our company did not struggle to enter UPS global network, reaching over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Today we have a fleet of 72 vehicles branded UPS and motorized according to the latest regulations of European standards on pollutant emissions. We have an area of 800 m2 of warehouse for sorting goods, with 23 loading and unloading docks that allow a sorting capacity of 1,500 parcels per hour. Since 2011, all our vans have been equipped with POS terminals, which allow to pay for the shipment or customs duties, if any, by credit or cash card. We can also count on security systems (GPS, video cameras, locks), safe deposit boxes, CCTV located inside the van compartment, to guarantee the maximum security level during our activities. Always aiming at guaranteeing the maximum security of what we transport, our vehicles are locked with UFO, an innovative security device to lock doors and side doors, as well as a GPS to locate each vehicle in real time and in pre-recorded mode.

The services that Randazzo srl offers Sicilian companies

The wide range of UPS services offered by Randazzo in Sicily includes small package delivery, returns management services and cash flow services. Last year we further widened our range of services with the introduction of UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Sicily. The widening of our offer was a response to companies’ different needs in terms of transit time and budget, with unrivalled predictability and coherence of our services, both for critical shipments and routine shipments, where we combine the reliability of an express courier and the flexibility of a freight forwarder. The new range of services that UPS Supply Chain Solutions introduced in Sicily offers logistics, distribution, transport and cargo (air, maritime, road) solutions in 195 countries, international traffic management and customs clearance. It also ensures special essential services for companies such as spare part logistics, technical repair and assembly, supply chain design and management and returns management.


This year’s new entry is UPS marketplace shipping available on www.ups.com. This service was immediately received with enthusiasm by small and medium companies working in the e-commerce market on eBay and Amazon.

UPS marketplace shipping. A new service for Sicilian companies

UPS marketplace shipping is a web-based safe shipping solution that allows eBay and Amazon sellers to import the orders from those two platforms and process the shipments through UPS software like UPS Internet Shipping. This is a perfect solution for private sellers or small companies shipping 1 to 20 packages a day.

The service is very easy to use and makes the life of eBay and Amazon’s sellers easier because it allows to avoid the problems associated with correct management of the orders that requires time and attention to detail. UPS marketplace shipping allows to integrate eBay and Amazon orders with UPS technology and enrol up to 10 account numbers both for eBay and Amazon and complete the shipment in only 2 steps, saving sellers’ time and energies. Moreover, with UPS marketplace shipping, when needed, the details of an order can be edited, it is possible to view up to 250 orders at a time and combine multiple orders into one shipment. UPS system is constantly connected to the marketplaces (eBay Amazon) and at the end of shipment, the UPS tracking number is immediately available.

You can also use the service UPS Internet Shipping (or CampusShip) and pay with your UPS account, credit card or PayPal. This service is perfect for companies that want to expand to the global market; the service is multilingual and supports up to 20 on-line accounts, 10 for each platform.

UPS marketplace shipping is also provided with a feature to manage orders that further simplifies work because you can search for broader fields like order number, order date or consignee’s address and that makes it easier to answer a customer who asks where their order is.

This solution is proving really successful among Sicilian companies because it makes the shipping process easier and at the same time, it allows them to achieve good results by using UPS network all over the world. This new service gives Sicilian companies new opportunities and management procedures become easier.