72 vans, 1 tractor

2 subcontractors

Strongly motivated and skilled staff

No employee turnover

Regularly trained staff

Carini branch

Total area: 10,000 square meters

Warehouse: 800 square meters including a tunnel

Conveyor belt: 60 meters

Offices: 400 square meters

28 vehicle loading/unloading stations + 5 in additional tunnel

40 car parking

3 truck scale loading bays

Area protected with anti-intrusion systems

Area under CCTV surveillance

Transit point UPS Healthcare

Palermo branch

Caltanissetta branch

Total area: 10,000 square meters

Warehouse: 1,400 square meters

Offices: 320 square meters

18 internal vehicle loading/unloading stations

2 truck scale

Transit point UPS Health Care

Caltanissetta branch

Misterbianco branch (Catania)

Warehouse: 1.000 square meters

Offices: 100 square meters

Air-conditioned area +8/+25 – 900 square meters

Refrigerated area +2/+8 – 100 square meters

Temperature monitoring system

External video surveillance system

Internal video surveillance system

1 truck scale

Road safety devices

In the area of Palermo all our vans are equipped with modern security camera systems to monitor and prevent any unlawful behavior through the use of security cameras installed inside the driving compartment and in the load compartment. Moreover, they are equipped with advanced GPS systems, to locate our vans’ position both in real time and in pre-recorded mode and are equipped with a strongbox inside the driver’s compartment.

All our vehicles are equipped with an UFO device, the innovative defender system for doors and side doors.


Payment by credit and cash card

The tool is connected to the bank which authorizes the payment and transfers the amounts into a dedicated account. All UPS customers can pay their CODs by credit or cash card.
The POS project started on October 11th, 2011.

New payment systems


Licenses and accreditations

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
IATA air cargo agent license
ENAC (The Italian Civil Aviation Authority) security license
Member of FIATA (International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations)